After a beer with friends, you feel the need to pee. But what happens if the restroom keeper is a little bit greedy and you have no money? Discover it in this old style point and click, inspired by the Lucasarts and Sierra classics and parody of various escape games.

1-click exit door

2-click rosary

3-correct answer sequence: ABCD

4-click on book two times

5-use book with trashcan

6-click on codfish stick

7-click on rat

8-choose attack->start a diplomatic conversation

9-click women's

10-use scissors with flowers

11-click on back

12-click on men's

13-use rosary with flush handler

14- use codfish with chain

15- use flower with loo

16- use pull the water(the codfish with the chain)

17- click on back

18- click on unidentified's

19- click on blood signs

20- return to men's restroom

21- pull the chain with the codfish first in the men's restroom,
after in the women's, and finally in the unidentified's

22- click on back and you should be in the golden regal bathroom, if not repeat the previous point

23- take the money, click on back, use them on the door e proudly complete the game!